FLRT is a socially conscious collection of products for gay men, the LGBT community, and their allies.

The FLRT concept (the acronym for Freely Living Real & True) was born out of overcoming adversity and acceptance of oneself. The phrase Freely Living Real & True came about one evening over cocktails as three friends were discussing issues within the LGBT community such as bullying and suicides, segregation among various groups, and marriage equality. One friend said that those who are freely living their lives, being true to who they are and who are real about their life circumstances are the pioneers within the community.

Our founder, Corey Wesley and co-founder, John S. Myers came to understand that when we live in the truth and acknowledge the sometimes ugly realities we’re faced with, we are empowered to live a life at peace with who we are. All too often the burdens and tragedies we experience bind us, preventing us from living a full and enriched life. By unleashing the ties that bind, we begin to experience a new world filled with joy, happiness, and success.

Without being arrogant, a FLRT proclaim, “I am me. Today and every day.” They live free from stigma, stereotypes, or any emotional baggage that can come with being gay. They have chosen to be open and honest about who they are and where they are in their life.

FLRT believes in the universal desire to freely live one’s life to the fullest, living through truth, and facing life’s challenges through empowerment rather than falling prey to the struggles that the LGBT community faces.

FLRT embraces the successes of openly gay men and the LBGT community by providing products that serve as symbols of having reached trailblazer status in the gay community.

By producing products that incorporate motivational messages around the notion of “Freely Living Real & True” (FLRT), we support and empower those who have chosen to live their life freely, openly, and honestly in the LGBT community.

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